[Dada Talks about Equipment] This “imbalance”, they can see it!

The rotor is the core component of a motor. When developing the rotor for a motor, each rotor must ensure balanced quality in order to reduce vibration and minimize noise. This critical step requires the use of a device called a balancing machine, which can detect invisible imbalances and deviations in the rotor, making it easier to correct them later on. Shimadzu Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Shimadzu”) is a well-known brand in the field of dynamic balancing testing.
Founded in 1875, Shimadzu has been continuously researching scientific and technological advancements to meet societal needs and develop high-value-added products. Particularly in the fields of analytical testing instruments, medical devices, and aerospace machinery, Shimadzu constantly innovates based on its core technology to meet a wider range of market demands. The dynamic balancing machine is one of the popular testing equipment offered by Shimadzu.

Shimadzu’s dynamic balancing machine is widely applicable across various industries. It is used in heavy industries such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, as well as in small household appliances like air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and audio equipment. Its unique scientific and technological capabilities have made it widely favored in the market.

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Highlight 1: DBM-GⅡ/TⅡ Balancing Machine Measurement Device
With its excellent DBM-GⅡ/TⅡ Balancing Machine Measurement Device, Shimadzu ensures outstanding stability even under harsh conditions. It can quickly and accurately calculate the magnitude and angle of product imbalance, facilitating subsequent repairs. By utilizing Shimadzu’s self-developed all-digital technology and digital compensation function, the equipment can counteract temperature variations and long-term usage effects, thus strengthening equipment management and enhancing efficiency.
Highlight 2: Control Software
The control software of Shimadzu’s dynamic balancing machine utilizes the Balance Koubou for comprehensive management of dynamic balancing tests. It is user-friendly and can be intuitively configured through a mouse or touch screen. The operation is simple and easy to understand, ensuring that even first-time users can confidently operate the system.
Highlight 3: Clear Data Display
The Balance Koubou features a large vector display and a “success/failure” indicator, allowing operators to clearly view the test results.
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Post time: Aug-29-2023

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