SUMEC Textile Company wins a Bronze Award at the China International Fabrics Design Competition and Fabrics China Appraisal

Recently, the official announcement was made for the winners of the 2023 China International Fabrics Design Competition and 50th (A/W 2024/25) Fabrics China Appraisal. SUMEC Textile Company’s fabric, “Ink Dance”, was awarded the Bronze Award in the Comprehensive Award category.
The China International Fabrics Design Competition and Fabrics China Appraisal, which started in 1999, is one of the most authoritative and influential professional events in the field of textile fabric design in China. In this competition, a total of 4,300 outstanding fabrics from all over the country competed on the same stage. Leading experts from various fields of the textile and apparel industry rigorously evaluated the fabrics from multiple perspectives, including color matching, fashion trends, material technology, market potential, and ecological sustainability.
The fabric design is inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings, combining the artistic expression of ink paintings with modern eco-friendly and sustainable concepts. The warp direction uses environmentally-friendly polyester yarns, while the weft direction uses nylon yarns added with UV-resistant materials. By employing a new printing technique, the stability and colorfastness of the prints have significantly improved, presenting exquisite ink patterns. Additionally, the fabric incorporates reflective threads with a plaid texture, creating a vivid effect that mimics the flowing movement of ink, adding a dynamic and charming sense to the design.
Fabric is a crucial factor that determines the quality of garments, and high-performance fabrics enhance the wearer’s experience. SUMEC Textile Company has long focused on the new trends and dynamics in the clothing industry, adhering to the principle of innovative development. The company is dedicated to fabric design and research, with a focus on continuous development of high-quality products in terms of fabric categories, structures, performance, and low-carbon environmental protection. Previously, several fabrics from the company have been honored with the Excellent Award in the China International Fabrics Design Competition.
Looking towards the future, SUMEC will base itself on the new development stage and fully implement the new development concept. It will focus on the textile and garment sector, continuously exerting efforts in “ecological, green, and low-carbon” development. The company will strengthen its technological innovation capabilities, accumulate advantages in independent research and development, continuously promote product innovation and upgrades, forge differentiated competitiveness, and strive to achieve high-quality and sustainable development.

Post time: Sep-07-2023

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