Domestic and International Logistics

SUMEC Integrated Logistics Solutions

Our company has a group of core logistics resources such as ports, warehousing, transportation and customs declaration with excellent qualifications, reliable reputation and standardized management, and has developed convenient and efficient logistics control and management capabilities. Through online visual price comparison on the logistics platform of “SUMEC Touch World”, we can help logistics demanders and suppliers, and other enterprises, to match and support logistics capacity services, effectively saving logistics costs and ensuring the effective operation of projects.

Help overseas suppliers reduce costs and increase efficiency

In order to ensure the smooth sale of overseas suppliers’ equipment to China, our company tailors logistics solutions for overseas suppliers to answer your doubts about China’s customs import consultation, cargo tracking, and delivery to the site, effectively reducing logistics costs, improve the efficiency of goods turnover, and help overseas suppliers to quickly meet sales expectations.

● Integrate more than 200 various professional logistics and cargo-owner enterprises, and serve over 10,000 customers
● Successfully completed nearly 5,000 domestic and international projects and transported nearly 10,000 TEUs


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