Equipment Imported into China

After more than 40 years of development, our company has grown into a leading supply chain service provider for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products in China. We have introduced advanced overseas equipment to nearly 20,000 equipment buyers in China, helped more than 5,000 well-known overseas equipment suppliers to develop the Chinese market, and enhanced the brand’s awareness and reputation in the Chinese market.


Promote the introduction of overseas equipment into China through information matching in online exhibition hall

Our company has tailor-made the “SUMEC Touch World” equipment exhibition hall for equipment suppliers, providing free product release, brand exposure, information exchange, accurate customer acquisition and other services for brands. This platform has become China’s leading and well-known online display platform for imported equipment.


A professional and efficient offline team provides full-process equipment introduction services

Our company insists on creating professional value with comprehensive service capabilities and has a team of more than 900 employees with rich professional knowledge and industry experience. With strong business consulting and project design capabilities, we can provide full-process, one-stop business solutions for customers at home and abroad. Today, we have developed a comprehensive operation capability with an operating income of over 100 billion yuan and a total import and export value of over 10 billion US dollars, which has been unanimously recognized and widely praised by the market.

● Ranked first in the number of imported mechanical and electrical equipment in China’s Nanjing Customs area for 15 consecutive years.
● Among Top 100 Chinese Customs Import and Export Enterprises for 9 consecutive years
● The import scale of textile machinery, light industrial equipment and machining equipment ranks among the top five in China all year round, among which that of textile machinery has ranked first for 15 consecutive years.


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