Omni-channel promotion in Chinese internet

New Media Resources

Multi-terminal, multi-channel and whole-network promotion: SUMEC TOUCH WORLD relies on the new media publicity through multiple channels such as WeChat official account, WeChat channel, TikTok and TouTiao, and the content distribution in multiple forms including text, picture and video, which has cumulatively attracted and been followed by 300,000+ fans and users who engaged in the industries involving various manufacturing fields such as machining, textile, light industry, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, medical treatment and new energy. SUMEC TOUCH WORLD has served 20,000+ Chinese enterprises, served 10,000+ new enterprises every year, and entered into contracts with 2,000+ new enterprises at a constantly growing rate. Our strong user base provides efficient and effective accurate marketing services for the equipment suppliers!




Video Account


WeChat Official Account



Traditional Media Resources

With long-term in-depth communication and cooperation with a wide range of comprehensive media and industry media, SUMEC TOUCH WORLD has multiple vertically segmented industry media such as,,,,, and, as well as the media resources from multiple comprehensive news portals including IFENG.COM, NetEase News, Sohu News and Sina News. With multi-channel media exposure of wide antenna and vast radiating surface, we help the equipment suppliers to rapidly enter Chinese market, improve their brand awareness and reputation, and enhance their product sales!

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