SUMEC Clinches Multiple Capital Market Awards!

On November 23 and 24, a collaborative effort by China Securities Journal, Nantong Municipal People’s Government, China Reform Consulting, and other entities brought forth the 2023 High-Quality Development Forum for Listed Companies and the inaugural China Reform Securities ESG Golden Bull Enterprise Summit. Yang Yongqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SUMEC, was awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Golden Bull Award”, while SUMEC was honored with the “ESG Golden Bull Award – Top 50 Central State-owned Enterprises”.

The Golden Bull Award for listed companies stands out as one of China’s most credible and influential accolades in the capital market. This year, the Golden Bull Awards have expanded into the ESG evaluation domain, offering a holistic portrayal of the impact and achievements of Chinese enterprises, particularly listed companies, in practicing ESG principles.

Mr. Yang Yongqing emphasized that in recent years, central state-owned enterprises listed on the stock market have demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of a complex and challenging international economic landscape. Withstanding multiple external adversities, these companies have displayed robust performance. Many enterprises have even seen improvements in profits and profit margins.

As the bedrock of the real economy, the driving force behind economic growth, the leader in transformation, and a top-performing enterprise above designated size, SUMEC, like numerous other listed companies, bears the responsibility of contributing to the establishment of a new industrial development landscape and ushering in a new era of high-quality development. In the future, SUMEC will propel industrial innovation through technological advancements, green development, brand building, and digital transformation. Forging a new competitive edge through industrial upgrades and drawing a brand-new blueprint for high-quality development, SUMEC is gearing up for a path that leads to a vibrant, evergreen global presence and a home filled with abundance and love.
Recently, SUMEC has earned recognition from the China Association for Public Companies for its outstanding performance in creating a board of directors that prioritizes learning, research, and scientific decision-making. It was honored with the title of an “Excellent Case of Board Practice”.

Post time: Nov-28-2023

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