Delivery +4! Signing +2!

Since the start of New Year, SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. (SUMEC MARINE) of SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC) has maintained its momentum and continuously striven to deliver four ships successfully, initiate the “acceleration” of ship deliveries in the New Year, sign two construction contracts, and further shine the crown brand to kick off a “good start”.

New delivery


SUMEC MARINE has successively delivered four Crown 63 bulk carriers to Turkey’s CINER Company, AVIC International Leasing Co., Ltd., China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and HKTDC Belt and Road Portal. Timely and high-quality delivery makes it possible for SUMEC MARINE to continue to strengthen its cooperation with customers, and deepen the trust relationship with customers. SUMEC MARINE has built and delivered 11 Crown 63 bulk carriers for AVIC International Leasing Co., Ltd. and 23 Crown 63 bulk carriers for China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., further opening up a new dimension of cooperation with a dual-wheel drive approach of “ship construction + shipping”.


New signing


On January 18, SUMEC MARINE signed a contract with the Japanese shipowner Kasuga for the construction of two Crown 63 3.0 bulk carriers, which marks the first entry of SUMEC MARINE into the Japanese market. After the signing of this contract, SUMEC MARINE has owned orders of 62 bulk carriers of the Crown 63 3.0 in total until the second half of 2026.


Crown series bulk carriers are the flagship products of SUMEC MARINE, with independent intellectual property rights, high construction standards and specifications, and excellent qualities such as environmental protection, energy saving, and intelligence. So far it has delivered more than 100 ships to Greece, France and other shipowners.

The Crown 63 3.0 bulk carrier has optimized and upgraded the original brand ship type, and is superior in the various performances: this carrier design has integrated the green concept, optimized the hull line type, and further revealed the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction; the carrier owns multiple configuration options to meet the needs of different shipowners in a variety of scenarios; and its type has significantly improved the cargo capacity, sailing speed, fuel consumption and other data, with the advantages of excellent design, complete configuration, and good indicators.

Looking ahead to the future, under the visionaryleadership of Sinomach, SUMEC will intensely focus on addressing the construction demands of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and aiming to delve deeper into the medium bulk carrier market, ,  adhere to the path of sustainable and differentiated competition, constantly strengthen ship design, research and development and construction capabilities with iterating and upgrading more advantageous ship types., SUMEC is willing to make its new contributions to promoting the construction of a strong manufacturing nation.

Post time: Feb-07-2024

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