Worry-free service for remote customers!

This year, an enterprise in Sichuan completed the bidding of a procurement project of a number of foreign advanced equipment through SUMEC International Technology Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC). What is the reason why they chose to cooperate with SUMEC in Nanjing that’s far away from them?

01 Professional service enables excellent strength!

 Worry-free service for remote 1

Boasting rich experience and outstanding competence

SUMEC has more than 20 years of experience in equipment and engineering bidding agency and boasts a bidding talent team with rich professional knowledge and industry experience, has established a senior expert database of hundreds of people, attaches great importance to the rigor and standardization of bidding work, and has always been committed to providing customers with reliable and efficient one-stop bidding agency services throughout the whole process.

Providing full guarantee and putting customer first

SUMEC, adhering to the tenet of “putting customer first”, arranges a team of bidding talents with rich industry knowledge and practical experience to go to the company, overcome the obstacle of remoteness, carry out “close guidance” and “zero-distance service”, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of bidding projects, and help enterprises quickly complete the project landing.

Achieving distinction while remaining true to the original aspiration

From 2000 to 2021, the company has successively won many bidding industry honors such as “Excellent Bidding Agency”, “Pioneer of the Bidding Industry”, “Brilliant Achievement Award of 15 Glorious Years in the Bidding Industry” and so on. At present, the company’s cumulative amount of international bidding has exceeded 17 billion US dollars, and there has been no valid challenge for 17 consecutive years.

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The pictures show part of the industry honors


Because of the high-quality and standardized service, the company has chosen SUMEC again and again and has cooperated with us more than 30 times, fully reflecting the recognition and trust of customers.


02 Digital transformation for convenient service!

In addition, SUMEC also actively promotes the digital transformation of bidding work, and has created the “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD” online bidding platform, which realizes functions such as project search, bid purchase, order management, and invoice application. Up to now, the “online bidding” platform has launched more than 5,000 projects, whose cumulative number of orders has reached more than 16,000, and the total transaction amount has exceeded 10 million yuan.

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03 Beyond bidding, there’s more!

As a leading supplier of electromechanical equipment import and export supply chain, SUMEC not only has great international and domestic bidding strength, but also provides enterprise users with four-in-one full-process equipment procurement business solutions of “resource supply, business consulting, financial support and logistics services”. As a global equipment trading service platform, “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD” can also provide users with online consulting services in real time. Buy equipment and come to SUMEC TOUCH WORLD!

Post time: Dec-23-2022

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