Phase II of the Da Qaidam 100MW Project in Qinghai Successfully Connected to the Grid and Commenced Power Generation, Undertaken by SUMEC Energy Development

On November 2, the Phase II of the Da Qaidam 100MW project in Qinghai, undertaken by SUMEC Energy Development Co., Ltd. was successfully connected to the grid and began generating power.

The project is located within the territory of Da Qaidam in the Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, with an average altitude of 2,800 meters. After completion, the project is expected to generate an annual average of 250 million kilowatt-hours, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 194,800 tons each year.

The project is situated in a deserted and uninhabited area, characterized by high altitude, strong winds, and impassable municipal roads. Moreover, the salt-alkali land is thicker and harder with steeper slopes, posing significant construction challenges. Since breaking ground on the project in June 2023, SUMEC Energy Development has established a temporary party branch and rallied a skilled and committed workforce. Embracing a customer-centric, scientifically rigorous, and excellence-driven approach, SUMEC Energy Development has advanced construction with exacting standards and stringent demands. From the drilling and piling to brackets and component installations, from the electrical equipment setup to the commissioning experiments, and from the equipment energization to the backend data transmission and monitoring, each phase has been meticulously executed. This concerted effort has not just brought a photovoltaic power station into existence in the desolate terrain; it has transformed it from a concept to a reality to build a photovoltaic power station in the desolate terrain. This achievement has garnered unanimous acclaim from the owner, supervisory teams, and other collaborating units.

Post time: Nov-20-2023

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