Equipment Exhibition Hall Provides Online exhibit hall promotion

Equipment Exhibition Hall is a never-ending online exhibit hall customized for vast equipment suppliers by “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD”, which provides the online functions including product release, information exchange and online display for brands to enter Chinese market quickly. At present, 300+ brands, involving nearly 1000 kinds of equipment, have settled in the Equipment Exhibition Hall which has reached in-deep cooperation with Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland and other countries from Asia and Europe, with the equipment brands covering a wide range of industries such as machining, textile, light industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, engineering, food processing and petrochemical engineering.
Equipment Exhibition Hall is aimed at growing into a link energizing the industry, a platform aggregating products, a window to publicize products and a carrier of corporate images, so as to help the overseas equipment suppliers to explore Chinese market and make the brand promotion and product sales easier!


Exhibition of Brands in the Form of “Shops”

Equipment Exhibition Hall provides all settled brands with “brand shop” display function through which the suppliers can independently manage their own “brand shops” and product information to easily update products and gain perfect visual effect of exhibition.



Free for Settled Brands within Certain Time Limit

On the Equipment Exhibition Hall, all settled brands will be exempted from publicity and promotion expenses within certain time limit. What a supplier needs to do is only to submit the application for its brand settlement and its product data, and its shop can be opened within 2 workdays at the soonest, while its products can also be updated. Additionally, the platform also provides the user attention ranking function, so that the popularity of industry brands is clear at a glance.

Simpler to Gain Customers

In addition to the function enabling the equipment buyers to independently search for products or brands and directly contact the suppliers in the Equipment Exhibition Hall, the Equipment Exhibition Hall can also mark the registered buyers with industry tags through its data analysis on their browsing behaviors on the platform, and take the initiative to push the information about the products or brands of the users’ interest accurately to the target users, so as to maximize the exposure and sales of the suppliers’ products. We hope that more equipment brands can settle in our platform!

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