Energy-Efficient Water Treatment: Towards Pristine Waters and Beautiful Rivers!

The significance of sewage treatment for public welfare cannot be overstated. Considering the varying requirements for blowers across different wastewater treatment settings, the choice of an appropriate blower becomes critically important. In response to a sewage facility in Nanjing seeking upgraded blowers, SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter “SUMEC-ITC”) undertook a thorough analysis and precise computations of the plant’s operational data, facilitating the acquisition of a Bison Mechanical Gear-Enhanced Single-Stage Centrifugal Blower for the client. The deployment of this equipment resulted not only in a more efficient wastewater treatment process at the Nanjing High-tech Zone North Sewage Treatment Plant but also in a reduction of electricity costs by at least 20%, thereby meeting the client’s specific needs for water treatment.



The judicious selection of equipment is essential for optimizing a company’s production efficiency and managing costs effectively. SUMEC-ITC, a firm with deep expertise in the electromechanical equipment sector, integrates global resources with finesse. Renowned for its exceptional service in international trade, the company adeptly aligns the right equipment with clients’ production goals, technical criteria, budgetary limits, and prevailing market trends. This tailored approach ensures clients’ needs are fully met, thereby enhancing their production yields.

Progress is a continuous journey, and SUMEC-ITC is committed to advancing further. Aligned with national strategies and capitalizing on the influential role of state-owned enterprises, SUMEC-ITC has been relentlessly pursuing reform and promoting initiatives to elevate its operations. Specializing in electromechanical equipment, the company leverages its expertise to furnish clients with superior resources. By integrating a variety of business practices—ranging from technology acquisition and resource allocation to product distribution and logistic support—SUMEC-ITC fortifies its core competitive abilities and functions. The company offers comprehensive one-stop solutions, covering the spectrum from equipment procurement to after-sales maintenance, with the ambition of establishing a modern state-owned enterprise and contributing to China’s modernization journey.

At present, SUMEC-ITC has forged direct sales partnerships with multiple esteemed international brands, including Ireland’s Bison, Switzerland’s Kardex, Germany’s MWM, and BHS, to name a few. This expansion involves sectors such as smart warehousing, lithium battery technology, and power generation. The company is continuously growing its portfolio of advanced overseas equipment brands, presenting domestic clients with a broader and superior range of options, and thus bolstering the manufacturing sector’s vigorous steps towards internationalization.

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Post time: Mar-29-2024

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