SUMEC Financial Advisory Services

Sufficient line of credit guarantees safe and efficient transaction

With years of consistent good reputation, excellent business performance and strong growth, our company has formed strategic cooperative relations with more than 30 banks at home and abroad. Our comprehensive credit line exceeds 40 billion yuan, helping to solve financial problems in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and ensuring the financial security of both buyers and sellers in the process of mechanical and electrical equipment transactions.

Rich and high-quality financial resources help provide customized financing services

Our company has carried out in-depth cooperation with nearly 100 commercial banks and financial institutions around the world, and has high-quality financial resources. When buyers have financing needs in the process of investing fixed asset projects, our company will provide targeted, tailored, full-process and one-stop financial solutions which includes different cycles such as short-term financing, medium and long-term financial leasing, long-term foreign currency low-interest loans and equity financing in accordance with the business scale and different financing needs of different industries, equipment and purchasers, and involves different currencies such as RMB and foreign currencies in cross-border businesses, to ensure the smooth execution of suppliers’ mechanical and electrical equipment sales projects, facilitate the smooth completion of transactions, and improve the overall competitiveness of the equipment brand supply chain.

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