【Watch the Expo with Dada】Exhibition combined with trade, a one-stop equipment procurement!

50-day countdown!

The 5th China International Import Expo!

(hereinafter referred to as CIIE)

has entered the sprint stage!

From November 5 to 10, WIN FAITH TRADING LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “WIN FAITH”) will join hands with more than 30 foreign equipment brands as an exhibition group to appear at Intelligent Industry & Information Technology 4.1H Hall C5-03!


Which brands are participating in this exhibition? What kind of advanced equipment will be involved? In addition to equipment display, what services will be provided on-site? Today we will answer them one by one!

# What brand equipment are in the booth?

Our booth is themed around “Green Development and Better Life”. Exhibiting brands cover machining, light industry, new energy, food processing and other industries, including CNC multilateral bending center, blister packaging machine line, printing equipment, digital full-color 3D printers and other advanced equipment that are closely related to low-carbon environmental protection and civilian production. Welcome to visit our booth meet face-to-face with the brand and have zero-distance contact with the equipment.

# I’m very interested in these exhibits, but I cannot come to the site. What should I do?

In this year’s CIIE, the “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD” platform will cooperate with WIN FAITH to open an “CIIE Special Area” in the equipment showroom. Exhibiting brands will enter it one after another to fully display equipment information and communicate with suppliers online to promote cooperation.

More than 300 brands and nearly a thousand types of equipment will also be displayed in the equipment showroom. In the future, the equipment showroom will also gather more world-class advanced equipment resources to help enterprises develop better.

# Foreign equipment import process is too complicated, what should I do?

What’s more, A team with rich professional knowledge and industry experience will be present to provide you with one-to-one exclusive consulting services that cover the entire electromechanical equipment import trade process, such as equipment selection, bidding agency, tax exemption, and logistics and transportation. If you have any questions, we will answer!

# After the exhibition, how can I contact you?

You can find us on the “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD” platform. Click to enter the equipment showroom, register as an equipment buyer, and you can select equipment online and make requests at any time! Of course, you can also contact us by calling the free consultation hotline 4006-979-616!

Good to know: Before December 31, 2022, users who successfully register for the first time in the equipment showroom will also receive a coupon for a 10,000 yuan agency fee deduction! Click for event details!

Post time: Sep-22-2022

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