Two-way rush! Continuous signings!

Recently, SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd., affiliated with SUMEC Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC), signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huaguang Shipping, and signed a shipbuilding contract for two Crown 63 3.0 version bulk carriers; and signed a shipbuilding contract for one Crown 63 3.0 version bulk carrier with Kasuga Shipping.

After the delivery and operation of the four Crown 63 3.0 version bulk carriers built by SUMEC Marine and Huaguang Shipping, they received unanimous praise from the market. This time, the two parties reached a strategic cooperation and continued to build two ships, jointly exploring the upgrading of the Crown 63 ship type and the improvement of ship performance, which also marked the opening of a new chapter and a new height of cooperation between the two parties.

This signing is the second cooperation between SUMEC Marine and the Japanese shipowner Kasuga Shipping this year. The new harvest in the Japanese market with a developed shipbuilding industry fully reflects SUMEC’s shipbuilding strength and delivery quality. It demonstrates the good image of the Crown brand in the industry.

SUMEC Marine has long insisted on taking research and development as the guide, promoting the dual-wheel drive, and coordinated development of shipbuilding and shipping, realizing product updates and iterations, and moving towards a more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, green and low-carbon direction. At present, the SUMEC Marine has delivered 17 Crown 63 3.0 version bulk carriers. After this signing, the SUMEC Marine has 66 orders for this type of ship, covering orders until 2028, and the shipowners are spread across Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, China.

Post time: May-17-2024

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