Collaboration! New project!

SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. (SUMEC-ITC) of SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC) recently signed a steel material distribution project contract with SINOCONST to help support China Electric Institute (CEI)’s Dongguan Qingtian high-performance and environmentally friendly coating project successfully bid by SINOCONST, promote new achievements in the collaboration among SINOMACH’s subsidiaries, and jointly contribute to the high-quality green and low-carbon development in China.

Dongguan Qingtian high-performance and environmentally friendly coating project is invested by CEI and constructed by SINOCONST. SUMEC-ITC is responsible for the distribution of steel materials. The project owner, constructor and steel supplier are all subsidiaries of SINOMACH, showing that they have actively implemented the guiding principles of SINOMACH’s working sessions, effectively strengthened internal collaboration, and worked together to make new achievements in innovative development.

The steel materials distributed by SUMEC-ITC will be used in the newly built plant base with a total construction area of more than 30,000 square meters to support the production of high-performance powder coatings, water-based industrial coatings and supporting acrylic resins and emulsions, polyester resins and other environmentally friendly coatings, so as to promote the technological innovation in new environmentally friendly materials and strategic development of the green and low-carbon industry in China.

SUMEC-ITC has long been deeply engaged in the end resource distribution business, exploring the core needs of end customers, strengthening its service capabilities and enhancing its core competitiveness in bulk commodity operation.

Post time: May-11-2024

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