At the “Big Show” of CIIE, WIN FAITH TRADING LIMITED Exhibits its Fascination

The 5th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CIIE") was held as scheduled at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from November 5th to 10th. As a participant of the CIIE, WIN FAITH TRADING LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "WIN FAITH") and its partners went to the CIIE to share the opening dividend.


Offline booth

Contracts continue to be signed, and good news was frequent

WIN FAITH joined hands with 28 well-known overseas brands and took 13 advanced technologies and equipment to appear at booth 4.1C5-03 of this year's CIIE, displaying advanced technologies, products and solutions in various fields from different dimensions through physical exhibit demonstrations, product promotion activities, and interactive experience of visitors, so as to achieve "zero-distance" contact between buyers and exhibitors.

Many buyers have decided to sign intentional purchase agreements with exhibitors on site after consulting, and the good news of equipment procurement signing has come frequently. As a result, many exhibiting brands' "exhibits have become commodities."


(Continuous contract for equipment procurement) 

"When I passed by the booth of WIN FAITH, I saw the pharmaceutical blister packaging machine displayed on site, and after learning the performance of the equipment in detail, I found that it was very consistent with our procurement needs, and I immediately signed an intention purchase agreement on site," the person in charge of a pharmaceutical company in Hunan said.

The WIN FAITH booth at the exhibition also featured brand-new machinery and cutting-edge technology for the metalworking, digital printing, pharmaceutical packaging, and other industries. The booth was full of high-quality brands, the on-site audience was endless, and the exhibition had a very warm atmosphere. The event was covered by the media more than 40 times simultaneously, which increased the impact of WIN FAITH's participation in this exhibition.


Up to now, the total amount of cooperation intentions signed on site at the WIN FAITH booth has exceeded 10 million US dollars; its "circle of friends" in the industry has been expanding, and trade services will also be deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

Online platform

e-CIIE, full of creativity

The e-CIIE platform was formally introduced on November 5th at the same time as the 5th CIIE, which had been inaugurated offline. The platform focuses on the technical equipment exhibition area of enterprise business exhibition, and sets up four major sections: "cloud display, cloud release, cloud live broadcast, and cloud negotiation". WIN FAITH joined hands with nearly 250 overseas advanced technology equipment brand suppliers to jointly launch the e-CIIE platform, and release and display the main equipment and the latest technology, keeping in line with the offline exhibition in pace as well as in quality and adding luster to the more open, inclusive and intelligent Expo.


In addition to "cloud display", WIN FAITH, with the cooperation of "SUMEC TOUCH WORLD", has moved its brand promotion activities to the cloud, and more than ten brand suppliers from metal processing, digital printing, 3D printing, pharmaceutical packaging and other subdivided industrial fields have shared the highlights of on-site brands and equipment with enterprise users through the "cloud live broadcast" function of the e-CIIE platform. At the same time as the brand live broadcast, an "online conference room" has also been opened for suppliers in the "cloud negotiation" section to achieve a relaxed dialogue with buyers.


Up to now, the "e-CIIE" has more than 160,000 registered users, and 25 live broadcast or rebroadcast of the booth and conference forum activities, with more than 60,000 views; and has organized more than 100 cloud negotiations.

Share open opportunities for a better future. In the future, "SUMEI TOUCH WORLD" will continue to work with more electromechanical equipment brands and partners to break trade barriers and help the high-quality development of the domestic manufacturing industry through the high-level window of opening up to the outside world of the CIIE.

Post time: Dec-01-2022

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