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In recent years, with the continuous development of the e-commerce and express delivery industries, automatic intelligent warehousing and picking systems have begun to thrive in industrial settings. Today, warehousing and sorting systems are not only standard equipment for e-commerce and express delivery industries, but also play an important role in the increasingly heavy supply chain links of various industries. Kardex Remstar, which has been developing in the Chinese market for decades, is an industry expert in intelligent warehousing and picking systems.

A reliable brand serving the world

SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SUMEC”) is the authorized distributor of Kardex, which comes from Switzerland and is a global professional supplier of internal logistics solutions. Kardex is committed to providing customers with solutions and services that integrate automated storage, retrieval, and material handling, fully utilizing warehouse space in the best possible way, creating higher warehouse operation efficiency, and building stronger market competitiveness for customers.


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At present, Kardex has established four intelligent factories in Germany and North America, and has provided more than 140,000 industry-specific solutions for customers worldwide.

Multi-scene, Multi-solution

Vertical Buffer Module (VBM)


The VBM can provide a solution for rapidly growing product lines within limited warehouse space. The system is suitable for high-density warehousing and precise sorting of small and small-batch parts. It is fully scalable, requires low investment, and offers a variety of automatic interfaces for storage and retrieval, in order to seamlessly integrate with existing processes or technologies as well as future automation needs.
Vertical Carousel Module (VCM)


VCM uses the principle of chain bucket lift, which can quickly and accurately transport the correct hopper to the access port through the shortest path. It is suitable for environments that require frequent access to goods. Each equipment in the system can be used as an independent solution or connected to a network system, and provides various options for picking small and lightweight items or accessing heavy goods weighing up to 650 kg.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)


VLM adopts Optiflex technology, which can automatically measure the height of the goods stored on each pallet and assign them to the ideal storage location. Thanks to its flexible modular design, VLM can dynamically adjust storage space to adapt to customer needs when the volume and size of products change. If stored items cover a variety of sizes and weights, or the inventory combination changes frequently, VLM system is an ideal choice.

Horizontal Carousel Module (HCM)


HCM is suitable for medium and small warehousing needs, with flexible work stations and hoppers, which can achieve high efficiency in inbound and outbound operations. Whether in the production process or the distribution process, from a simple one-person work station to more complex multi-level work stations that allow multiple material flow strategies, HCM can flexibly adapt to all types of tasks and efficiently sort orders.

Have you been impressed by these “smart” intelligent warehousing systems? According to our understanding, Kardex’s system application areas are very extensive, covering all kinds of warehousing and picking scenes from consumer goods to industrial parts. If you need specific consultation, you are welcome to enter Kardex’s shop in the Equipment Exhibition Hall and click “Send Business Card”. Our professional team will contact you within 24 hours.

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*Product information and pictures are provided by Kardex.

Post time: Apr-28-2023

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