【Watch the Expo with Dada】CIIE2022, here we come!

Attention! Attention! Attention!
November 5-10
WIN FAITH TRADING LIMITED is going to participate in
the 5th China International Import Expo!
(hereinafter referred to as CIIE)








Our company will take the form of an exhibition group
together with more than 30 foreign equipment brands to display at
Intelligent Industry & Information Technology 4.1H Hall C5-03
We are right here!











The countdown to this year’s CIIE has begun.
We are well prepared
to shine at the Expo with many highlights!
Highlight 1: Brands unite and appear together!
The booth of WIN FAITH covers an area of 700 square meters, and visitors will have a “zero distance” contact with the brand through physical exhibit demonstrations, product promotion activities and interactive experience.
Highlight 2: Online and offline synchronized sharing!
In addition to the on-site exhibition activities, the “SUMIC TOUCH WORLD” platform will also cooperate with WIN FAITH to carry out online live broadcasts of relevant exhibitors, sharing the highlights of the Expo to the global audience! The live broadcasts will last for 6 days with continuous excitement and joy!
Highlight 3: The online exhibition hall never closes!
“SUMIC TOUCH WORLD” equipment showroom will open a “CIIE Special Area”, in which live broadcasts will be presented one by one. At present, the equipment showroom also shows more than 300 brands with nearly 1,000 models of equipment. Click the link to learn more details!

Post time: Sep-16-2022

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