【Embrace the CIIE and display charm】”Higher-up” lineup of exhibitors debuts!

The 5th China International Import Expo is getting closer and closer. At this Expo, the “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD” platform will join hands with more than 30 world-class electromechanical equipment brands and nearly 20 imported equipment to display in the technical equipment area, and will deliver more advanced equipment, process technology and the platform’s full-process one-stop equipment procurement business solution to more partners and customers at the CIIE through various forms such as brands’ live broadcasts and on-site display.

Which overseas equipment suppliers will appear in the booth of “SUMEC TOUCH WORLD”? Here’s the exclusive “spoiler”!


Anisoprint is committed to developing continuous fiber coextrusion 3D printing technology for composite materials, primarily for the manufacture of lightweight, complex-shaped composite parts with ultra-high mechanical properties. Products can be used in aerospace, automotive, robotics and medical fields. Compared to traditional production methods, 3 times the weight reduction of components and 95% reduction of production costs can be achieved.

Core Products


Desktop & Industrial CFC 3D printers

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5TOMRA is a leading global provider of sorting and recycling solutions, headquartered in Norway. TOMRA Foods has 50 years of global sorting experience and operates in more than 80 countries. Its advanced quality grading, optical sorting, and steam peeling technologies provide the food industry with customized solutions to confront current and future challenges.

Core Products


TOMRA food processing equipment

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7 Swiss BUSS is a global leader in high-end compounding and pelletizing systems with unique compounding solutions that set the standard for heat-sensitive or shear-sensitive applications in the plastics, aluminum, chemical and food industries. The company customizes solutions for high-end compounding tasks to meet the high demands on process technology and product quality as well as the growing technology market needs.

Core Products


BUSS reciprocating mixer

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Of course,

We have many more suppliers exhibiting with us!

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to learn more about the international famous electromechanical brands

We will announce more exhibitors in the future.

Please look forward to it!

Post time: Sep-08-2022

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